Medical cannabis and its uses

The difference between CBD oil and Medical Cannabis

CBD products are springing up everywhere with over-the-counter products becoming the norm, from oils, gummies, sprays, teas and beyond. Whilst the idea of CBD is becoming mainstream, it is important that the public remain educated on the differences between these ‘wellness’ CBD products and medical cannabis products which require a specialist to assess whether a prescription is appropriate. In this blog we look at the differences to help you stay educated.

Sativex VS The UK

Sativex is the only licensed drug in the UK to treat the most challenging symptoms of MS patients, that of spasticity. But why are so many people struggling to access a drug that has been available for over 10 years?

Medical Cannabis – Can it help with your insomnia?

As part of World Sleep Day on the 14th March, we thought we’d dedicate this blog to Insomnia. Something that nearly all of us has experienced in our lifetime. The cannabis plant has been used for centuries to help individuals fall asleep quicker and get a better quality of sleep during the night. Today, more and more studies are showing how medical cannabis for those with chronic conditions who are suffering with sleep related issues are being given the gift of a better nights sleep due to the properties found within medical grade cannabis.

Exciting developments for Multiple Sclerosis patients

Exciting developments for MS sufferers! A recent study has suggested that medical cannabis could be effective in improving the common symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Migraine Awareness Week: The benefits of cannabis inhalation to treat chronic migraines

In this blog, we look at migraines and how studies are reporting how medical cannabis can help alleviate symptoms.

The UK and Medical Cannabis

For most patients looking to access medical cannabis, they must look to private healthcare, the rest look to illegal markets. But why is the NHS not prescribing medical cannabis? We take a look at some of the facts as specified by Professor Mike Barnes, Neurologist, Chairman of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and part of Maple Tree the Global Medical Cannabis Experts.

Finding Your Nearest Medical Cannabis Specialist Is Easy

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