FAQ for Members

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How do I create an account?

Simply register for an account with an email and password. A confirmation link will be sent to that email address so that you can create your account.

Once you have created an account please email info@tmcd.co.uk.

Once your account is created you can:

  • Manage your profile
  • Review your messages
  • Request patient feedback.


How will my profile appear in the directory?

Complete your profile information.

In order to allow your profile to appear in the directory, you will need to register for a subscription.

The subscription includes 3 months free access and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

The cost of subsctiption is £29.99 per month or £199 for 1 year access.

You are entitled to 3 months of free membership at sign up only.

Your profile will be visible within the directory and easily searchable by potential clients. Your profile will be searchable by location, specialty, medical condition and a variety of keywords from your profile.

Clients can message you directly from your profile.


How do I create and manage my profile?

Once you have created your account you can then create your profile. In your profile you can include all the details relating to your clinic and your professional practice. You can include a photo, biographical summary and information relating to your specialty service. You will be asked to provide your relevant regulatory body information, your professional or business insurance details and the name of your registered service. You do not need to submit any copies but we will use the information to validate your membership and profile..


How is my profile validated?

Once you have submitted your complete profile, one of the team will review your profile to ensure that is compliant with the terms of the site. Additional checks will be made to ensure your registration is valid. Please ensure you are fully regulated to providing medical cannabis services.


Can I change my profile?

You can edit your profile at any time. The changes you make will require authorisation to ensure compliance with the terms of the site.

Authorisation may take up tp 48hrs to complete.


Can I receive messages directly?

Your profile will be listed on the directory and includes a direct messaging service. You may wish to receive these messages via your own email or forward them to your clinic's email address.


Can I review my messages?

Within your account you will be able to review all of the messages that have been sent from your profile messaging service. Messages may lead to new patient consult enquiries.


What are the benefits of membership?

There are three main benefits of membership

  1. Your profile will be visible within the directory. The directory is optimised to ensure a high level of visibility on most search engines.
  2. New messages sent to your clinic are logged so that you are able to track new enquiries, follow up leads, provide further information and also request patient feedback.
  3. You can request patient feedback information from your profile.


How do I subscribe to the directory?

There are currently offers on subscriptions for clinics and multiple doctor profiles.

You will need to email info@tmcd.co.uk for further information (email info@tmcd.co.uk).


How do I cancel my membership?

You are free to cancel your membership from your account at anytime.

Your membership will remain in place until the end of the previous month's payment period.


How do I request patient feedback?

If you have received messaging correspondence via your profile messaging service you can contact a visitor directly and request anonymised feedback. Alternatively you can send a feedback request form by entering a visitor's email. Please ensure you only send a feedback request to patients that have used your services. Feedback may include personal comments or testimonials. Comments are not displayed on your profile. These surveys are anonymised.


How do I obtain patient recommendations?

When a visitor is sent a link to complete a feedback form they can make a personal recommendation of your services.

Recommendations will be displayed on your profile.


What are the terms and conditions of directory membership?

The terms and conditions of membership are clearly displayed and are accessible from your account.


Changes to the site and membership services.

The site is continually under development and further improvements will be added. You are free to make suggestions and recommendations in order to help with the development of the site.
Please send these suggestions to info@tmcd.co.uk.

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