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Who is able to prescribe medical cannabis in the UK?

Specialist doctors (on the GMC Specialist Register) can prescribe. You are much more likely to be prescribed medical cannabis from a doctor working in a medical cannabis clinic who has been trained and has experience treating patients.

Some GP's (very few at the moment) are able to prescribe medical cannabis under the direction of a specialist doctor.


How can I find a doctor who can prescribe medical cannabis?

The specialist doctors listed on this directory are included on the GMC Specialist Register and are able to prescribe medical cannabis for conditions which they normally treat within their speciality.

Simply search for location of the doctor, the specialty or the condition that you are hoping to treat.


Are medical cannabis prescriptions available on the NHS?

NHS doctors usually follow local and national guidelines such as those produced by NICE. These guidelines limit the use of prescribed cannabis due to the lack of UK evidence for the use of cannabis based prescription medicines (CBPMs). NICE currently only recommend CBPMs for multiple sclerosis related spasticity, chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting, appetite stimulation in HIV related weight loss and for some rare childhood epilepsy syndromes.

NHS doctors will most likely prescribe pharmaceutical products which are cannabis isolates or synthetic cannabinoids. These do no contain the broader range of compounds present in broad spectrum (whole plant) based products that can be prescribed by specialist doctors in the private sector.


How do I contact a specialist doctor?

Once you have found an appropriate specialist within the directory, you will find their contact details available on the profile. In many cases this will be the contact information for the clinic that the doctor is working at. You can phone the clinic or send a message directly to the clinic. The specialist doctor will be alerted that you have made contact.

The specialist doctor may not directly respond to your enquiry but someone from the clinic should contact you.


Is my condition suitable for treatment with medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis can be used for a wide range of conditions. The commonest indications are chronic pain, spasitcity, neurological problems and mental health. A specialist doctor may prescribe medical cannabis if you have a condition that they are able to treat within their specialty.

In most cases, specialist doctor's will evaluate your symptoms and decide if a prescription is appropriate depending on your diagnosis, the medical management you have already received and the level of evidence to support treament.


Can I just buy a cannabis oil instead of getting a prescription?

Most commercially available cannabis (cannabidiol) oils are derived from hemp that contains very low levels of other cannabinoid compounds which offer therapeutic effects. The therapeutic benefit is limited and a medical cannabis specialist can offer a much wider range of medical cannabis products which are more likely to be helpful for your condition.


How is medical cannabis taken?

Medical cannabis can be taken in the form of oils (taken as drops under the tongue), capsules, creams, and as a dried flower which is vaped (smoking is not legal).


How much does medical cannabis cost?

Private prescriptions for medical cannabis require a consultation with a medical cannabis specialist. Some patients only require a very small amount of medical cannabis for symptom relief whilst others require much larger amounts. Expect a monthly cost of £150 - £300 or higher.


Can I get involved in medical cannabis research?

Drug Science is currently supporting a number of UK based research projects. Project T21 is an ongoing study which offers access to medical cannabis products at a reduced rate providing you are willing to complete 3 monthly online questionnaires. Specialists who are taking part in this research have statement on their profile. More information is available from Drug Science - click here.


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